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     Knight Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  No Nonsense Carpet Cleaning For Over Twenty Years!!

     Carpet Cleaning

    When Knight Carpet Cleaning entered this industry in 1986, we couldn't figure out why consumers were so uptight and
       paranoid when searching for companies to clean their carpets. Well it didn't take long before we heard the nightmarish
       stories from carpets that stayed wet for days to companies that would advertise low prices just to get into your home so
       they could up-sell you to take  your money, companies that would advertise they use truckmounted equipment, and then
       show up with portable equipment shoved in the trunk of a car, stains that would reappear etc. Every consumer has
       different priorities as to why they're looking for carpet cleaning, maybe you have your carpets cleaned every ten years
       or you clean them when they're totally trashed, maybe you want a clean impeccable home and you clean every six months.
       It doesn't really matter to us because we do a quality job the same way for every customer. Below please read what we
       give our customers step by step every time we clean their carpets.

             This is What Our  Customers Get Every time We Clean Their Carpets!

               Measuring Square Footage

              When we show up at your home the first thing we do is measure square footage. We measure only
              what we're going to clean. Many companies will charge for a whole room when there is a king size
               bed sitting in the middle of the room. You tell us the areas you want cleaned and that is what you
               pay  for. Based on the square footage and other factors, we'll give you a fair price to complete the
            Prespraying Entire Carpet

          We begin the cleaning process by prespraying the carpet with enzyme cleaners and
              deodorizers. We do not charge extra for deodorizing! We use our general deodorizer which
              is a yummy lemon, or we use odorcide if were dealing with urine contamination or a heavy

             Pre-Scrubbing Carpet

           Most of residential carpets we clean do not need to be pre-srubbed. It's mostly commercial
              jobs. However if there are heavy soil areas in front of couches, chairs and traffic lanes we will
              pre-scrub these areas. It helps the over-all appearance after the extraction process.

             Spot Removal

             The next step we do is to try to indentify and remove certain stains that may not come out by
             regular cleaning. Knight Carpet carries what we call the "big blue bag". This bag contains
             over 20 different spotting removers such as a dry solvent for grease, hydrochloric acid for rust
             stains, a citrus remover for gum and candle wax, coffee removers, pog's for paint removal and
             many others. We will try to remove every stain in our customer' s carpet. Rest assured if we can't
             get a stain out of your carpet, it's damaged fibers from color loss!

              Extraction Process

              This step is where our customers are basically paying to rent a $25,000 carpet cleaning
              machine! Truckmounted carpet cleaning machines do two things very well. They have
              incredible heat. Heat is what cleans your carpet. Soil cannot withstand 250 degrees of
              hot water. The second thing it does well is suck up 95% of the water it puts down. This is why
              you can literally flush carpets clean by using plenty of hot water and have the carpets dry
              in hours rather than days! 

              Speed Drying

             The number one question every consumer who gets their carpets cleaned wants answered is,
             "How long is it going to take for my carpets to dry?" We know our freshly cleaned carpets
             will dry quickly, but to accelerate the drying time Knight Carpet sets up commercial
             blowers in your home as we clean to speed up the drying process. Find a carpet cleaning
             company that does that! Knight Carpet is all about quality and taking care of our customers!

            Post scub with Bonnets

             The final step is post scrubbing certain textiles. Berber carpet for example is made from
             polypropylene which is called olefin. This is basically a plastic carpet. Because the fibers
             are made of plastic, only about 40% of all dirt that falls into a berber carpet can be
             vacuumed out. Most carpets after they're cleaned will dry from the top down. However,
             berber carpet dries from the bottom up. Because only 40% can be vacuumed out of a berber,
             once it's clean and then starts to dry, the 60% of dirt on the bottoms starts to rise. This is
             called "wicking"! By post bonneting the berber carpet you are actually drying the surface. 
             So when the dirt starts to wick it will stop! We post bonnet all berbers and all commercial carpeting.

           Optional Scotchguard Protector

            Our feelings about carpet protector are very different from the average carpet cleaning company.
            There are seminars all over the country every year for owners of carpet cleaning companies and the
            number one topic in these seminars is how to make tons of money by up-selling carpet protector!
            When we clean your carpet we go through great lengths to remove all residue in the carpet.
            We use our onboard water softening system installed in our vans to bring soft water to your carpets.
            We also use a fiber rinse that brings down the ph and makes your carpets soft. We do not like dumping
            more moisture and chemical on the carpet we just cleaned, not to mention it will take longer to dry.
            Consumers should also be informed that most catastrophic stains such as wine, fruit juice, urine, and
            vomit are permanent as soon as they hit carpet! It doesn't matter what protector is on. However, we
            do have a handful of customers who swear by the carpet protector and want it. We do appease. The
            cost for scothguard protector is .10 a square foot.

           As you can surmise not all carpet cleaning companies are created equal. It's not about getting
          a free room cleaned or a coupon for $20 off. It's about taking your hard earned money and hiring a
          company with expertise, knowledge, serious equipment, and all at a fair price!







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